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Thank you for completing the Intake Form. Now, you may select the one-on-one session or package that is right for you.

​Similar to cell phone, television and internet technology, Advanced PSYCH-K® protocols allow a Facilitator to connect with a client to perform muscle testing on their behalf, with permission, by dialing in to their "energetic station".  Sessions are equally effective whether in-person or long distance.

Sessions and packages are pre-paid

Select your package preference below and we'll use your preferred days and time of day in your intake form to schedule the first available appointment, by telephone, Zoom or in-person.

Take up to one full year to use Packages.

Hours in each package are scheduled in a variety of time increments, typically 60-90 minutes, and a minimum of two weeks between sessions to experience how your new beliefs are unfolding. 

Buckle up! We're about to take an amazing adventure together!


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