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Q: WHY PSYCH-K®? Maybe you’ve heard of world renowned Cell Biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, best selling author of ‘The Biology of Belief’, “Spontaneous Evolution” and “The Honeymoon Effect ”. Bruce had wanted to write his first book for years but something was holding him back. Only after experiencing PSYCH-K® was he finally able to transform what was blocking him. Now, as a result, the world has been touched by the gift of his amazing work. He shares, “The Secret to Life is BELIEF. Rather than genes it is our beliefs that control our lives. Using the simple, self-empowering processes of PSYCH-K® you can change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life even at the cellular level. I have personal experience with PSYCH-K® and I am confident in its integrity, simplicity and effectiveness.”

Q: WHAT IS PSYCH-K®? HOW IS IT UNIQUE? PSYCH-K® is a simple process that provides direct communication with your subconscious mind, providing a unique way to identify and change "subconscious beliefs", responsible for behaviors you would like to change and that may be unconsciously sabotaging even your best intentions (i.e. self-esteem, relationships, job performance, emotional and physical health). It is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind in order to change the printout of your life. ​ PSYCH-K® is a synthesis of a variety of processes for change, some contemporary and some ancient. While it shares certain characteristics with other methods, it is unique in the following important ways: PSYCH-K® is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. In a 3 day workshop, you can learn all that is necessary to make major changes for yourself and others. PSYCH-K® processes can be practiced alone, with a friend, or with a trained Facilitator. PSYCH-K® is a "do-with" process that depends predominantly on the individual seeking change, not on the Facilitator. PSYCH-K® engages and activates the inner resources of the subconscious and superconscious minds. This approach honors the power and responsibility of the individual in making the changes they seek. PSYCH-K® does not require that you understand or even remember the event or trauma that led to the limiting belief. Unlike other therapies that depend upon insight into the original experience, with PSYCH-K® you can simply change the belief. PSYCH-K® interacts with your inner wisdom or superconscious connection, which ensures that the goal and beliefs changed will be safe and appropriate for you. These built-in permission protocols are one of PSYCH-K®'s most significant advantages. The Superconscious Connection - For thousands of years, the idea of a superconscious mind has been a part of human culture. Some refer to it as the Higher Self, Spirit, or Soul. Although many mainstream scientists and psychologists continue to debate its existence, the concept of the superconscious mind has been accepted by some of the brightest intellects humanity has produced. This reality of a spiritually expanded consciousness is an important bridge between contemporary spirituality and contemporary psychology. PSYCH-K® provides a format that actively blends the two perspectives. The Three Minds - The superconscious mind is different from our other two "minds." The conscious (or volitional) mind sets goals and judges results. The subconscious (or habitual) mind is programmed to respond to its environment automatically. The superconscious mind is more like a caring parent or teacher who watches over your development. Although the superconscious is a valuable source of expanded awareness, it is important to confer with rather than to defer to this level of mind. A good student seeks to master the knowledge gained from a teacher. Similarly, your conscious mind needs to learn how to integrate the wisdom of the superconscious mind with the subconscious mind to develop into a unified consciousness. In this state, correct action is automatic because intuition, volition, and action become ONE.

Q: HOW DOES PSYCH-K® WORK? PSYCH-K® evolved from years of split-brain research, also known as brain dominance theory, as well as hundreds of sessions with groups and individuals. By increasing the cross-talk between hemispheres, a receptive state of mind is created that dramatically reduces resistance to change at the subconscious level. The subconscious mind and the beliefs it holds (similar to your computer programs and files) can be accessed much like you might access a word document on your computer hard drive, using a “mental keyboard” so to speak. It’s a user-friendly method of partnering with the subconscious.

Q: IS THERE ANY SCIENCE AVAILABLE TO BACK-UP PSYCH-K®? Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton (, co-produced a powerful DVD (The Biology or Perception, The Psychology of Change) with Robert Williams that provides a logical, scientific and practical way to understand and use these innovative new ideas. As you watch the DVD, pieces begin to fit in place and come together as you see and understand the nature of your mind/body connection. This DVD can be viewed free online (link is available on the RESOURCES page). PSYCH-K® has been transformational for thousands of people, and its success over the years speaks for itself.

Q: HOW DOES PSYCH-K® WORK WITH MY RELIGION? By identifying and releasing subconscious resistance you may be consciously unaware of, PSYCH-K® can enhance your connection to God, the Universe or Divinity and support your personal religious or spiritual beliefs.

Q: WHO CAN ATTEND A WORKSHOP? IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? The workshop focuses on learning how to do PSYCH-K® with yourself and others. While practicing the balances in class, we use pre-printed belief statements that will support you in learning and doing PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® is respectful of ones privacy and changes can take place privately with only the individual knowing what the issue is. Working with personal issues usually occurs in private sessions and only comes up in a workshop if a participant chooses to bring them up. ​ How old you are is less important then a desire to learn PSYCH-K®, understand the concepts, participate in the "hands on" learning experience and understand the importance of changing beliefs.

Q: CAN PSYCH-K® HELP MY PRACTICE? PSYCH-K® is ideal for practitioners looking for new ways to help their clients improve their overall quality of life. PSYCH-K® works synergistically with any healing practice. Some of the people in the healing professions who have taken PSYCH-K® workshops include therapists, energy healers, medical professionals, life coaches, and clergy. If you are interested in incorporating PSYCH-K® into your practice, you will want to take both the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® workshops.

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