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Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Perception
Rob Williams: The Psychology of Change
Bruce Lipton: The Biology of Belief
PSYCH-K® Research
Whole Brain State

PSYCH-K® in Action:
Achieving Whole Brain State

This image is my actual brain scan, performed by neuroscientist, Dr. Jeff Fannin, to show the effects of a PSYCH-K® balance. Red lines show the dominate brain patterns before beginning a PSYCH-K® balance process. Blue lines show the changes in my brain patterns after the "New Direction Balance". These changes occured in under five minutes with a process learned in the Basic in-person and Online Level 1 workshops.

RedBlue = Whole Brain State
The whole brain state represents a synchronized brain, both hemispheres working together and allowing you to meet challenges and opportunities of everyday life with ease and clarity. Read about Dr. Fannin's brain mapping and PSYCH-K® processes here.


The Neuroscience of Leadership - article by Rob Williams & Dr. Jeff Fannin, NeuroConnections, 2011

The Mind is The Doctor - interview with Rob Williams, The Intelligent Optimist Magazine, 2012

Correlation Between Belief, Whole Brain State and Psychotherapy - article by Rob Williams and Dr. Jeff Fannin, CAPA Quarterly, 2012

Efficacy of PSYCH-K shown with brain-mapping - scientific paper by Rob Williams and Dr. Jeff Fannin

The Whole Brain State and its Applications for Business Success - article by Rob Williams and Dr. Jeff Fannin, International Journal of Management and Business, 2012

This article written by Dr. Jeff Fannin with the latest research using brain mapping with PSYCH-K® processes.

My Stroke of Insight - TED Talk by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, 2008

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