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The groundbreaking Monicor sessions are now available in the DFW Metroplex.

This FDA registered medical device brings the future of healthcare straight into your hands. Designed with cutting-edge technology that rivals that of the 22nd century, this device is helping revolutionize the medical industry. With its sleek design and advanced functionality, the Monicor surpasses all your expectations.


Equipped with an intelligent AI system, it adapts to your specific medical needs, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Say hello to Monicor and welcome an era of breakthrough treatments right in your own home. Experience the future of medicine today!

In ONE 20-minute session


Monicor scans your entire system: organs, meridians and acupressure points. The Monicor program then creates a customized treatment to address each finding and delivers the frequencies needed to bring more flow and balance into your system.


Sessions are scheduled in 20 minutes increments with a maximum of two hours. Each increment is $50.


The Monicor device is also available to purchase. Contact us for details.

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