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Dr. Bruce Lipton love fest!
Author of "Biology of Belief"

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My Personal Story (condensed)

Unexpected encounters of the best kind! Bruce Lipton presenting in Dublin, IR at the same location I was teaching a Basic class!

PSYCH-K® “magically” appeared in my life in 2002.

After a childhood with seven divorces, twelvish schools, countless addresses and jobs, a few homeless opportunities in my late teens, a short marriage followed by a divorce of my own, and several healthy doses of drama and chaos, something needed to change!

At twenty-nine, I loaded up my car and headed for Texas! I’d never been there, didn't know anyone, and no job lined up waiting for me once I arrived. Some call that gutsy but for me, it felt like survival. My current reality just wasn't an option any longer. It was obvious if I wanted BIG changes, I had to take BIG actions.

Packing up and moving 1300 miles away from the old environment and everyone I knew was a bold first step, but wasn’t the magical fix I was hoping for. Within a few months I was recreating familiar drama with different names and faces.

There it was! The blinding, yet painful flash of the obvious … there is only one common denominator here.

Everywhere I go, there I AM! And THAT is where changing anything BEGINS.

“Seven-years-in” to creating a new life in Texas, something amazing landed on my radar. With another bold leap, I used a week’s vacation and traveled to complete a Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K® workshop. And when I reported back to work on Monday morning, EVERYTHING changed.

Before I left, I was on a short-list of employees to be terminated (you know, those old patterns were creeping back up). Upon my return, two promotions in six months! The Universe created an opportunity (that’s not what it felt like in the moment) to discover my gift and niche for training and I quickly became a trainer of trainers. Apparently, I returned to work a version of myself even I didn’t know was “in there”!

Eleven months later I was a certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and the most incredible adventures continue today!

So, what's life like now, 20 years after that week? WOW, what a ride!

Life is more amazing than I ever imagined. Countless gifts including 25 years with a husband who loves supporting other courageous souls learning this work; corporate retirement at 45; an inner peace throughout the ongoing worldwide chaos and transitioning of many friends and family; living with a deep knowing that EVERYTHING is happening FOR me, not TOme is the biggest gift of all.

The filters, interpretations and conditions from my early years created layers of illusions blocking me from peace, joy, love and all things good in life. This has been a priceless tool supporting the recognition that my value, worth and divinity are intrinsic and to know I have all the internal resources and capacity to create a joyful, purposeful life along the way.

Yes, it's been messy at times and I am eternally grateful for every single step I’ve taken on this journey. Grateful I listened to that deep inner calling. Grateful I didn’t let FEAR, or my conscious mind take me OUT. Grateful how my path continues to reveal itself as I make my way. Grateful for the opportunity so many “gift me” in witnessing and participating in this part of THEIR amazing journey …

It's never too late for change. A journey of a thousand miles starts with ONE decision. ONE meaningful step towards something different can change everything!

Time is the only thing you can't get back! Is the desire for change, leveling up or a quantum leap in your heart and soul? Let’s meet sooner rather than later!



Marianne Williamson
Author of "A Return to Love"

Hanging out in Taos with Bruce

and Rob. My two heros!