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By age two, my parents had separated and shortly after ... divorced.  My father stayed in California; my mother moved back to Utah where they met. By my thirteenth birthday my mother celebrated divorcing her fourth husband; my father had divorced his third wife. Moving every year and a half between them gave me plenty of opportunities for environmental adapting. My life theme was "Constant Change"- new schools, new friends, new homes, and even new families.  It seemed I was always adjusting to new experiences.

At twenty-three, I too, was divorced, living with my mother, surrounded by chaos in an environment lacking fulfillment and encouragement for growth in my life. After a childhood of "I can’t messages", I was living an adult life of "I can’t experiences", unconsciously following the patterns that had been modeled in my childhood. 
At twenty-nine, after being led to several powerful books, an inner journey was sparked. It became clear that nothing was going to change unless I “DID” something different. I packed my car and headed for Dallas, Texas!  I’d never been there, didn't know anyone there, and had no job waiting for me when I arrived. Some might call that brave or gutsy; but for me, it felt like survival. My current reality just wasn't an option any longer. It was obvious if I wanted big changes, I had to take BIG actions. This was the first HARD, but best step I took into an incredible adventure of discovery, growth and joy! 

So what's life like today? I celebrate stability in a loving and supportive marriage and retired from a rewarding career as an IT Trainer and problem solver with a Fortune 150 Company. Blending my unique background with the power of PSYCH-K®, I’m passionate about sharing these powerful keys to unlock your potential and hack the limiting beliefs that keep you from the grandest version of the greatest vision you could possibly dream for your life!
Personally trained by Rob Williams, the Originator of PSYCH-K®, I teach and facilitate internationally and am full of gratitude in the opportunity to support people of all backgrounds in re-writing the software of their mind to change the printout of their lives!
While having this human experience, many of us have built layers of illusions that have separated us from our truth. Since 2002, I have been sharing these life enhancing processes with those ready to take the leap! I believe every person on this planet can benefit by using these processes and if you pass an opportunity to learn and experience this cutting-edge ancient wisdom, you're cheating yourself! 
With only ONE DECISION … ONE STEP … you can upgrade every area of your life! Will today be the day YOU take that step? There is a reason you are here reading this. Act now before your conscious mind takes you OUT.
I can't wait to witness this part of your amazing journey …

Katherine Moyer​

Marianne Williamson
Author of "Return to Love"

Hanging out in Taos with Bruce

and Rob. My two heros!


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My Personal Story (condensed)

Unexpected encounters of the best kind! Bruce Lipton presenting in Dublin, IR at the same location I was teaching a Basic class!

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