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Recommended Links

​​Dr. Lincoln's "Messages From the Body" book is an amazing source to start diving into physical conditions. Nearly 700 pages of mind-blowing awareness and consciousness evolving wisdom. Click here for best pricing available.

All E-Books available are listed here: E-BOOKS

You may have secondary gain benefits and payoffs related to you conditions or situations. Explore possibilities here: 

Secondary Gain Considerations.pdf

Bruce Lipton explains the science behind PSYCH-K: (108 minutes)

Rob Williams explains PSYCH-K and gives a demonstration: (73 minutes)
Recommended prior to sessions or workshops

See results people with stress-related complaints and MS are having with PSYCH-K!

A clinical study with Dr. Jeff Fannin and Rob Williams, published in the peer reviewed journal

NeuroConnections, Fall 2011 issue.   

Welcome to the Evolution of Business
Discover the oldest model of success for business today. 
Click here for video

The Beauty and Principles of Nature
Take an 11 minute break. Slow way down and enjoy this visually
stimulating journey through the beauty and principles of nature! 

Nature, Nurture & The Power of Love; Conscious Parenting
Learn how nature uses gestation to begin downloading beliefs from parents 
to prepare us for the environment we're being born into.

What the bleep do we know | Stream movie online

Conception, Gestation and Birth simulation (4 min 18 sec)

The Intelligent Optimist magazine (Previously ODE)
The mind is the doctor by Rob Williams

Wired Magazine
Placebos are getting more effective

Recent research with the brain mapping and PSYCH-K
Mind blowing research shows the efficacy of PSYCH-K on the brain.
Brainmapping Research

Jeff Fannin and Rob Williams August 2012
The CAPPA Quarterly 

Jeff Fannin and Rob Williams August 2012
International Journal of Management and Business

Dr. Michael J. Lincoln's website (Messages from the body book)
Useful for all facilitators of PSYCH-K to have with over 700 pages of A-Z symptoms.
Purchase your copy of Messages from the body directly from Dr. Lincoln (best price)

Power of Ten video

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor - "My stroke of insight"

Zero Point Energy Wands and Pendants (Every home could use one)
Click here for product guide 

Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

National Directory for Holistic Practitioners is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet.
Self Help from