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 Enhanced Potential with PSYCH-K® 
Mindware to Upgrade Your Life​


This workshop is NOT equivalent to the PSYCH-K® Online - Level 1 Workshop. See chart HERE for differences.

What you will learn and experience in this highly interactive workshop: 

  • Why it seems your mind has a mind of its own
  • Differences between Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious minds
  • How to muscle test with others accurately and effectively
  • Why previous attempts with muscle testing may not have been consistently working  

           (this didn't come naturally for me and I'll share EVERYTHING I've learned so you don't have to struggle)

  • How to identify what beliefs need upgrading, editing or changing 
  • How to change beliefs at the Subconscious level using two powerful change processes
  • How to speak the language of the subconscious mind
  • How these processes are used with your everyday life circumstances
  • What are secondary gains and how to identify them
  • How to transform stress into a state of peace
  • Practice time each day to build confidence in everything you learn 
  • How to serve humanity in a powerful, simple and effective way

After completing this course, you will have to right to facilitate the use of these processes in private one-to-one sessions, either professionally or personally, for monetary gain or otherwise. You will also be qualified to attend the In-Person Master Facilitator and Advanced PSYCH-K workshops, as well as advertise yourself as a PSYCH-K®  Facilitator.