​Similar to cell phone, radio, television and internet technology, Advanced PSYCH-K® protocols allow a Facilitator to connect with a client (Partner) to perform muscle testing on their behalf (with permission) by dialing in to their "energetic station".  Sessions are equally effective whether in-person or long distance. 

Advanced Liposomal Support Your Body is Begging for!
20X more absorbent than any vitamin, mineral or supplement including nano technology. This patented delivery system bypasses the stomach to take nutrition into the cells where it is needed. A must for those who have absorption issues (ie., no gallbladder, stomach or intestinal surgery). Feel better fast! Click Here

Gas Tablets 20% more miles per gallon, burn fuel cleaner, EPA approved, extends time between maintenance, 15 years of research, Nobel Prize technology. Win/Win/Win (your wallet, your vehicle, the planet)   Click Here

Smart Coffee, Ayurvedic Superfoods, Biominerals and More!  Click here

Messages From The Body (Big book)
Dr. Lincoln's big book "Messages from the Body" ​is an A-Z reference of physical symptoms and their psychological origins. Similar to Louise Hay, only bigger with over 700 pages and  mind blowing insight!  It's a must have in all PSYCH-K® Facilitator libraries. Also available as an E-Book you can put on your phone! 
Click here for the best prices.

How to Know What Essential Oils Are Best For You
Stop guessing which Essential Oils are going to be best for you. The ITOVI portable hand scanner is a device that reads the galvanic skin response, then prints out exactly what oils you need right now to bring over 170 bio-markers into balance! Do you sell oils or other supplements? This will run from an app on your CELL PHONE! Get your own ITOVI HERE! My favorite oils can be found here:

Safely Remove Heavy Metal & Other Toxins

​​From the vaccines we've received to the air we breathe and the water and food we consume, life dictates that we take all sorts of toxins into our bodies. These toxins contribute to health problems and developmental deficiencies. While there is only so much you can do to eliminate your toxin intakeCoseva’s Advanced TRS is a cutting-edge solution to help safely and effectively get toxins out of your body. Using nanotechnology, Advanced TRS encases toxins and keeps them caged until your body's nature elimination of liquids occurs (within six hours). Click here or image at bottom right of this page.

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highly Recommended Charts

Life Path Charts ($40)

This chart is unrelated to the PSYCH-K® training. It is based on your complete date of birth and assists in understanding yourself in a whole new way. If there were ever an owner’s manual to accompany your life, this is it! My own life changed completely after learning this Pythagorean based system and started me on a journey that has been incredibly rewarding. It is said that awareness is the first step towards change. This isn't just a step, it is a giant leap! These hand-typed analysis' also make unique and priceless gifts for ANY occasion! The gift of Destiny and Purpose is sure to always be remembered. Informative and highly beneficial to anyone's journey regardless of where you are along the path. This chart is included in session packages of 4 or more hours free, as those interested in making significant life changes also appreciate having this information about themselves. 



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​​​​​​​​​​1. It is recommended to watch the Online Video "The Psychology of Change" prior to scheduling your first session. Although this is not inclusive of the process, by doing this, you will have the highest level of preparation and your session time can be focused on the results you are seeking rather than explaining or understanding the process we'll be using. 

2. Click and complete the INTAKE FORM 
The form has a place for your ideal days and times of day for your session. We'll schedule the first available according to your preferences. For packages, your initial session time and following sessions will be deducted from your total package hours as we use them.  Once your intake form is completed, you will be redirected to the Session Selection page for payment. All session packages include the Life Path and Human Design Charts free ($60 value). Package hours can be used in increments that best fit your schedule and are good for eight months. 

During your personalized private session(s) we'll focus on your specific and unique goals, desires, struggles and challenges indicated on your intake form. These goals may also change between sessions as transformation is experienced. How many sessions required for a specific focus is unique to each individual. Most clients choose to begin with the 4 Hour Package. Or, for several areas of focus, 10 hours. There are also specific processes you can request during your session, see 6 listed below. 


1. Core Belief Balance
In this process we identify and confirm what beliefs you have been using to create your life experiences. See where you may be driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Or, trying to drive up a hill but you're actually in Reverse. Or even trying to drive forward but sitting in neutral and not even in a gear. This process offers an efficient way to change 'core beliefs' that block you from achieving your desired goals in life. Core beliefs represent basic, vital issues like self-love, forgiveness, connection to Divine Intelligence and more.

2. Relationship Balance (Parent, Child, Partner, Friend, Archetype etc.)
Life interactions consist of many types of relationships. This process is designed to deepen your understanding in any relationship. Clarity of what the relationship is offering for your personal evolution by identifying and transforming subconscious blocks to the full expression of who were are and how we participate in our relationships. We gain better access to receiving the growth opportunities and gifts within the relationship. This can also assist transitioning into and out of relationships supporting two functional people ready for deeper experiences or new connections rather than two walking wounded destined to repeat the old patterns and baggage of their past.

3. Optimal Health Balance
This balance is an efficient way to discover and change subconscious perceptions and filters that may be blocking you from achieving optimal health in the body, mind and spirit. It includes twenty-two pairs of beliefs that represent qualities and attributes research shows may be associated with optimal health, including immune system functioning. 

4. Life Bonding Balance
The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human existence. This balance is designed to transform any limiting impact of these influences in our life. During this Balance, traumas experienced prior to learning language, discernment and judgement, can easily be transformed without words to express them. With nature's "head-start" program, during the third trimester, our mother begins transferring information related to the external environment, for support and sustainability. This information becomes our unique "operating system".  Therefore, her experiences, feelings and thoughts have a direct impact on our programming. Watch this 4 minute video as a reminder of what we go through just arriving on the scene (CLICK HERE). Traumas from birth to present moment are considered in the process as well as our fear of death and dying. If we are afraid of dying we cannot fully live in the present; as Dr. Bruce Lipton's research has explained, we cannot be simultaneously in love/growth vs. fear/protection

5. Alternative Life Balance
The mind uses the same brain mechanisms in experiencing physical life and in imagination. The mind is capable of responding physically and emotionally to dreams, visualizations and imagination as well as external perception. This means the body's chemistry can be affected by the mind (CLICK HERE for a powerful video to bring the point home). The goal of this balance is to imagine a "life" free of physical or emotional conditions, in such a way that the subconscious mind will signal the body to produce a chemical environment that reflects optimal health and wellbeing. It is designed to transform beliefs and perceptions that lead to limitation into those conducive to optimal health and wellbeing. 

6. Rapport Balance
This process transforms our ability to communicate by releasing learned stress unique to each individual associated with speaking to, listening to and understanding others, both verbally and non-verbally. Anyone who values the ability to communicate and create rapport will benefit with this balance.

people frequently ask for book and product recommendations. everything below i use, love and has been part of my journey!  Click on any image for more information.

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Human Design Charts ($40) 

Unrelated to the PSYCH-K® training, this system uses information related to the Kabbalah Tree of Life, Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System, Astrology, and the Taoist I’Ching. This introductory chart is presented in a graph with nine centers, which represents your mind, emotions, heart, intuition, and patterns that govern your movement through life. I found this information to be incredibly fascinating and helpful on my own journey! This chart is included in session packages of 4 or more hours free, as those interested in making significant life changes also appreciate having this information about themselves. 


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