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Attend the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop In-Person and become a Facilitator

For those interested in supporting others or perhaps adding these processes to your existing tools with a group of clients, or even if you'd like to create a new career, this highly interactive 3-Day in-person Basic workshop will also qualify you as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator and allow you to use these processes for private one-to-one sessions, professionally with clients or others, for monetary gain or otherwise, at your discretion. 


  • How your conscious and subconscious minds are different
  • How to work with your subconscious and discover what blocks you
  • How to facilitate PSYCH-K’s unique muscle-testing with accuracy, skill, and confidence
  • How to connect with your inner wisdom
  • Protocols that ensure each change is safe and appropriate for you
  • How to speak the language of the subconscious mind
  • How to create custom programs and filters to enhance any area of your life
  • How to transform stress, traumas, and fear into peace
  • How to use all aspects of the PSYCH-K® processes with yourself
  • How to help others change their lives using what you learn in these three days
  • Simple, repeatable & verifiable tools for lasting change, with STEP-BY-STEP instructions
  • How to identify and shift limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs to transform your life! 

Attend the PSYCH-K® Level 1 Online Workshop and learn the process for yourself

To access ANY In-Person workshop you MUST start with the In-Person Basic. Online-Level 2 access requires starting with Online-Level 1. It is not possible to start with the Online track then switch to In-Person and visa versa. 



Mostly, we experience life through programs and conditioning from our childhood, family dynamics, and culture that prevent us from the peace, happiness, passion, and purpose we really want. The challenge is, those programs are operating completely under the radar of our conscious mind.

Taking a close look at my life, it was clear I took in some pretty common beliefs and programs that weren’t supporting me in life. Maybe you recognize some of these...

  • My best isn’t good enough
  • The decisions I make usually turn out wrong
  • If people really knew me, they wouldn’t like me
  • I blame others for my problems (spouse, family, boss, co-workers)
  • I shouldn’t try new or risky things because I’ll probably screw it up
  • If I want it done right, I’ll have to do it myself
  • My opinion doesn’t really matter
  • I’m afraid of what other people think of me
  • If I let people get close, they will hurt me
  • What I do isn’t really important

What eventually became clear is, “my beliefs trump the facts, and what I believe determines my thoughts, actions, and behaviors”. As long as I believe these things about myself, I’ll never have the opportunity, power, choice, will, or skill needed for anything different. And if I want something different, I have to DO something different.

I found PSYCH-K® in 2002 through world-renowned cell biologist Bruce Lipton. Author of “The Biology of Belief” and “The Honeymoon Effect”. His research supports “... rather than genes, it is our BELIEFS that control our lives and using PSYCH-K® you can change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life, even at the cellular level”. Watch Bruce share how he first learned about PSYCH-K®. 

PSYCH-K® is a simple, self-empowering process that complements al religions, belief systems, and modalities. Where are you in your life journey? Are you just becoming aware of the power your perceptions, beliefs, and programs have? Are you well into your journey and well-studied in many modalities? Are you a professional practitioner and support others in their healing and evolution? PSYCH-K® MEETS YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE!