This program is available for all those who have completed the Advanced level of training in PSYCH-K. 

There are 4 major components:

  1. A balance to align beliefs with those of long and good health, as extrapolated from the Psychoneuroimmunological literature.

  2. An action plan to help bring the new potential into manifestation.

  3. A balance to replace perceptions, beliefs and circumstances related to any particular issue, challenge or symptom.

  4. Discussion and practice of interviewing methods to elicit meaning and growth opportunity in a particular problem or symptom.

Amazing benefits include:

  • Aligning with our original Divine, perfect and healthy state.

  • Think in fresh creative and unconventional ways about health and well-being.

  • See illness from a different perspective.

  • Approach illness in ways very different from traditional modalities.

  • Manage health conditions from beginning to end, putting our intention and attention toward a state of well-being.


In this workshop the focus is on taking what you have already learned in the Basic and Advanced and thinking outside of traditional uses of the materials to expand and maximize the processes. If you have studied the Pro Workshop you will have an idea of what this means. The HWP material is all new as of February 2016. Variations in applications of PSYCH-K Balances you have already learned will stretch your mind in ways you have not yet considered for using the materials.


Optimal Heath Balance     

Using 50 years of research in psycho-neuro-immunology and installing attitudes and perceptions that     support optimal health. Structure of the Core Belief balance used with a detailed action plan.   

Alternate Life Bonding Balance     

Create a completely different reality about the illness/dis-ease and life related to it. 

Perceived Traumatic Events
New ways of thinking about the meanings of perceived traumatic events

Secondary Gains
Why do people stay sick in spite of treatment? What is the benefit of having the illness/dis-ease?

What might an illness or dis-ease be telling us?

How to Use Intention in a Balance
A simple AND incredibly effective balance to manage health conditions

Four Levels of Reality
Understand these connections of the Four Levels related to our perceptions of health. Become whole-    brained with the Four Levels and recognize them in our partners.

First Aid
Use beliefs to complement and assist immediate medical care.

How to use beliefs to STAY healthy and live a long and prosperous life.

Additional Information beyond this will also be shared. Fascinating discussions that will stretch your understanding of health, healing and overall wellness will expand your understanding of being a spiritual being having a human experience!

There is a LOT of material in the course!  It is highly recommended you repeat the Advanced Workshop prior to this intensive if  you have not facilitated the Advanced processes regularly.  There will not be time to review the previous balances during this training.  Be sharp  with your Core Belief Balance, Belief Points and Energy Focusing especially!

Class facilitator & DIRECTOR  of the Health and Wellbeing Program

​2 Day Basic PSYCH-K Workshop

Enhance your skills as a facilitator in this highly experiential 3 Day workshop! Over the years many instructors and Rob Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K, have discovered and devised a variety of protocols — building on the fundamental balance processes — that have never been taught in any Workshop. There simply isn't time in a two day Basic or four day Advanced, given all that is packed into those days, to teach these useful and lesser known processes. We have bundled these 'extras' into PSYCH-K Pro. We have also included marketing tips to increase referrals of clients into your practice. The Course is intended for those who wish to refine and enhance their skills, and become exquisite, and exceptional facilitators of PSYCH-K.  It's also a virtual MUST for those practicing PSYCH-K as a profession, that is, charging a fee for facilitation. 

This class is a requirement to be listed on the PSYCH-K website as a Preferred Affiliate and provides you with visibility to those looking for a Facilitator. 

The only prerequisite to attending the PSYCH-K Pro class is the two day Basic, although if you have attended the Advanced, or wish to, you will still benefit from what is included in this Course.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct effective and dynamic private sessions from start to finish
  • Discover spiritual messages that may be present in pain, dis-ease, or addiction
  • Transform allergies
  • Balance to transform traumas or other painful life experiences
  • Address phobias, depression, anxiety
  • Personally benefit from balances you facilitate with others
  • Gather messages and meaning from emotions
  • Use 10 creative strategies for finding belief statements that pack a punch
  • Effectively work with children
  • Facilitate an effective session by telephone (for those who have taken the Advanced Workshop)
  • Deal with exceptions and confusion, debug muscle testing dilemmas
  • Get marketing ideas and increase client referrals into your practice

In many cases you will see a demonstration, then find a partner with whom to practice and integrate your new skills. Overall, this is an opportunity to significantly sharpen your skill set and deepen your knowledge of and confidence with PSYCH-K. Again, the only prerequisite is successful completion of a Basic Workshop, or Basic and Advanced Workshops.

Hold your space in any Pro Workshop: $250 Deposit

Repeat the three day Pro Workshop: $300 per person
Original class material is required and name of original instructor. Replacement material is available separately at $125 if needed. 


What you will learn and experience in this highly interactive 2-Day Workshop:

  • Why it seems your mind has a mind of its own
  • The biggest thing impacting your life experiences
  • How to muscle test with consistent accuracy 
  • How to identify limiting beliefs you may be completely unaware of
  • How to replace limiting beliefs with supporting ones quickly and easily
  • How to speak the language of the subconscious mind
  • How these processes are used with your everyday life circumstances

After completing this course, you will have to right to facilitate the use of these processes in private one-to-one sessions, either professionally or personally, for monetary gain or otherwise. You will also be qualified to attend the Professional's Course and the Advanced PSYCH-K workshop, as well as advertise yourself as a PSYCH-K Facilitator.

Two or more attending the Basic Workshop together: $100 discount per person
It is highly recommend [not required] to attend with a friend or family member to practice with after class.

FREE! Coordinate with 6 of your friends to come with you for everyone's first PSYCH-K Workshop.

Repeat the Two day Basic Workshop: $200 per person
Original class material is required and name of original instructor. Replacement packets are available separately at $100 if needed. Bring a friend with you to their first class and you can repeat FREE!

Enhanced Potential

Mind-Ware to Upgrade Your Life

Dr. Duccio Locati is a doctor of Osteopathy living in Switzerland, (previously Milan, Italy). He has always been interested in the connection between mind and body, and in our capacity for self-healing.  Dr. Locati studied PSYCH-K in February, 2007. He became a certified PSYCH-K Instructor in May, 2008.

He has worked closely with Rob Williams, PSYCH-K Originator, to create this renewed, re-invented, and re-purposed iteration of the Health & Wellness Program.  As a participant, you could not possibly be in better hands! And, he’ll teach in English.

 3 Day PSYCH-K Pro Course

4 Day Advanced PSYCH-K Workshop

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4 Day Health & Wellbeing Program

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​The PSYCH-K Basic or PER-K Essentials for Success is a Prerequisite for  Class.

This Life Altering 4-Day Experience includes:

You will learn how to create a deep sense of trust and safety with others, making the facilitation of change easier and more comfortable than ever before. You will use a powerful process to create a whole-brained state when communicating with others, both verbally and non-verbally.

Belief Points
You will learn 12 points on the body that are derived from ancient acupressure. They represent key beliefs that give us valuable information about how we are limiting ourselves. When these points are combined with Energy Focusing, these subconscious beliefs can be accessed and changed in a matter of seconds.

Energy Focusing
A safe and effective process that allows you to focus energy to a Belief Point in order to change subconscious beliefs quickly and easily.

Core Belief Balance
This balance aligns 13 Core Beliefs that support the manifestation of your full potential in life. It is frequently a profound alignment process that prepares the mind/body system for accelerated growth and change.

Relationship Balance
This balance will help you transform personal issues with others, and better understand the lessons to be learned in relationships. It will provide a clearer perspective on the value of relationships between parents and children, siblings, coworkers, spouses, friends and lovers.

Life Bonding Balance
The trauma of birth and the fear of death are two powerful aspects of human life. This balance utilizes breath as a means of re-programming any negative impact of these influences in our lives. By directing the breath back and forth between two power points in the body, you learn to release stress associated with these experiences and free yourself to experience the fullness and joy of life.

A process using a surrogate (substitute person) to effect change at a distance with someone not physically present. This approach can be used to expand your sphere of influence including other people, as well as pets.

Hold your space in any Advanced Workshop: $300 Deposit

Repeat the Four day Advanced Workshop: $400 per person
Original class material is required and name of original instructor. Replacement packets can be purchased separately if needed.